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Nov 15, 2016 · Jannat says her life was in danger. If the authorities in Iran were to have found out she’s a lesbian, she could’ve been killed. Meanwhile, her man kept pressing her to get married. Every

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Free Love Lesbian Love for All in Iran. America has Gaga, and Iran has Googoosh, a Persian pop phenomenon whose latest music video makes a statement about homosexuality, still considered a …

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The human rights organization OutRight Action International has released a video highlighting a recent study that was conducted on the life of lesbians in Iran.. In Iran it is to be gay

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In particular lesbians living in exile devote themselves to making the stories of their Iranian teens known. One such organisation is the Berlin lesbian advice centre LesMigraS e.V., which also publishes its brochures and programmes in Farsi.

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Despite what President Ahmadinejad might like to say, Iranian gays and lesbians do exist. Unlike most other places, however, in Iran homosexual acts are not …

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Human Rights Report: Being Lesbian in Iran i Glossary The following is a list of the most commonly used terms or institutions referred to in this report. The definitions relating to SOGI have been drawn from the following sources: the Yogyakarta

Iran’s Sex Change Solution is an eye-opener and will hopefully spark international conversations about the country’s dangerous recommendations to lesbian and gay people. Thankfully many of those interviewed were granted asylum or are scheduled to begin the application process in the near future.

In Iran, being gay can carry a death sentence for men. Though lesbians are discussed less frequently, they too face severe government-sanctioned punishment, including lashes and flogging.

Aug 25, 2011 · Maryam Keshavarz, director of the new Tehran-set lesbian drama “Circumstance,” knows all about difficult circumstances. She grew up in Iran and America in the 1980s, in the wake of the Iran

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Sapphic Cinema ‘Circumstance’ Movie: How Lesbians Live in Iran. A controversial new movie explores the lives of lesbians forced to live in the shadows.

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