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Old East Slavic къдѣ /kŭˈdě/ > Russian где [ɡdʲe] (‘where’). Unlike most other Slavic languages, so-called yer tensing (the special development of * ь > * i and * ъ > * y for some yers preceding /j/ ) did not happen in Russian, nor was /j/ later lost.

A brief history of the Russian settlement at Fort Ross in Northern Californa during the early part of the 19th century. History of the Russian Settlement at Fort Ross, California For the small group of California natives, that cool, overcast day in March 1812 was a forerunner of massive change.

Old East Slavic or Old Russian was a language used during the 10th–15th centuries by East Slavs in Kievan Rus’ and states which evolved after the collapse of Kievan Rus’. Dialects of it were spoken, though not exclusively, in the area today occupied by Belarus , central and northern Ukraine , and parts of western Russia .

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The History of Russia begins with that of the East Slavs and the Finno-Ugric peoples. [1] [2] [3] The traditional beginning of Russian history is the establishment of Kievan Rus’ , the first united Eastern Slavic state, in 882.

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That which is established; as a form of government, a permanent organization, business or force, or the place where one is permanently fixed for residence. (slang) The establishment : the ruling class or authority group in a society; especially, an entrenched authority dedicated to preserving the status quo.

May 31, 2012 · In the decades after it was established, the Russian-dominated Soviet Union grew into one of the world’s most powerful and influential states and eventually encompassed 15 …

…series of wars between the Russian Empire and Iran, the treaties of Golestān (Gulistan; 1813) and Turkmenchay (Torkmānchāy; 1828) established a new border between the empires. Russia acquired Baku, Shirvan, Ganja, Nakhichevan (Naxçıvan), and Yerevan.

Old Russian Online Series Introduction Todd B. Krause and Jonathan Slocum. The title Old Russian serves to denote the language of the earliest documents of the eastern branch of the Slavic family of languages. The composition of the oldest surviving documents generally dates to some time within the 10th century AD.

Nov 09, 2009 · Watch video · The Russian Revolution of 1917 was one of the most explosive political events of the twentieth century. The violent revolution marked the end of the Romanov dynasty and centuries of Russian

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