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Dear Dr. Frankie: My teenfriend and I have been together just over a year and living together for about 6 months. We were friends before we ever started dating and waited a while before we had sex …

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I think when we have sex she is just doing it to get me to shut up even though she says she doesn’t but I don’t want to have sex with somebody who doesn’t want to. I would like to know what I … discusses 7 genuine reasons why the woman in your life won’t have sex with you, including a few that you may not have considered. Congratulations to you. She wants to do the damn thing, but there’s something holding her back.

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Reasons She Stopped Having Sex If She’s Not Sleeping With You Anymore, This Is Probably Why. He was a few years er than me and would have sex with me like we were in a porno, going at me

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The rule is simple. It states: if a teen likes you, she’s not going to have sex on the first date. Of course, like with any rule, there are some exceptions here and there. We won’t sleep

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A cute chick could be massively attracted to you, but that won’t lead to sex until she feels a certain level of comfort around you. Firstly, she needs to feel safe alone in your presence. You might be handsome, but you’re still a stranger who can overpower her.

“God, I confess that I have not always appreciated Your gift of sex —or even wanted it. I have shunned You and withheld my body from my husband. Forgive me. …

My prayers have been a mixed bag,from “Lord help me to accept that our relationship doesn’t do the sex thing” to “Lord help me to be more loving and show her love and win her” to prayers about God speaking to her about the matter and to God providing friends for her that she …

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Sex Here’s why she won’t have sex with you Whether you’re dating, married, or just met, here are some clues to help you figure out why—and how to fix the problem. by Justin DeMarco. Previous story The 20 hottest photos of Rachel McAdams Next story 7 stunning photos of stuntwoman Zoë Bell . …

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