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This was the name of three early saints. MATRYONA female Russian Variant of MATRONA. MATS male Swedish, Norwegian Swedish and Norwegian short form of MATTHIAS. MATT male English MAXIM male Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian Variant transcription of MAKSIM or MAKSYM. MÁXIMA female Spanish Spanish feminine form of MAXIMUS.

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Classical Latin Origin Names. Home » Names. MATRYONA f Russian Variant of MATRONA. MATTIN m Basque Basque form of Martinus (see MARTIN). This was the name of several saints. MOE (1) m English Short form of MAURICE or MORRIS, or sometimes of …

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Russian given names are often taken from the names of saints, especially those from Eastern Orthodox tradition. In the last century, the traditional Slavic names have been popularly used.

Matrona Dmitrievna Nikonova, (Russian: Блаженная Матрона Московская), the Blessed Eldress of Moscow, (November 22, 1881 (1885 according to other sources) – May 2, 1952), also referred to as Matrona of Moscow, is a canonized saint of the Russian Orthodox Church who is said to have had the gifts of prophecy, spiritual vision, and healing from early hood.

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This list of Russian saints includes the saints canonized by the Russian Orthodox Church and the Russian saints canonized by other Orthodox Churches. Saints are sorted by their first names. See also the category Category:Russian saints. A more complete list of saints:

Saint Matrona the Wonderworker of Moscow (born Matrona Dmitrievna Nikonova, Russian: Блаженная Матрона Московская, 1881 – May 2, 1952), is a renowned saint of the Russian Orthodox Church who had the gift of spiritual vision and the gift of healing from early hood.

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A patron saint is regarded as the intercessor and advocate in heaven of a nation, place, craft, activity, class, or person. Since the time of the early Christians up to the present, a vast number of patron saints have been recorded.

Russian variant form of MARIA. MARYANA Марьяна f Russian. MATRONA Матрона f Russian. Means "lady" in Late Latin. This was the name of three early saints. MATRYONA Матрёна f Russian. Variant of MATRONA. MATVEI Матвей m Russian. Variant transcription of MATVEY russian names from 1. 520 terms

Browse Names. Home » Names. This is a list of names in which the gender is feminine; Saint Martina was a 3rd-century martyr who is one of the patron saints of Rome. MARTINE f French, Dutch, Norwegian MATRYONA f Russian Variant of MATRONA. MATTEA f Italian Italian feminine form …

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