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free Parenting classes for teenagers TOPS Proactive Teen Parents classes will provide you with the information to help you be the best parent possible. families will learn about development, nutrition, safety, routines, language development and much, much more!

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Looking for a little easy Halloween fun? Try Booing someone! It’s quick, it’s easy and it spreads good cheer. And your s will LOVE it! And their s will love it! Booing someone simply means ding dong ditching them with a Halloween surprise and then asking them to pass it on.

Help for my troubled who just got kicked out of public college in Decatur, IL. We provide help for parents of troubled ren from Decatur, IL who have been expelled from college (or soon will be). We agree that the public college system in Decatur, IL is not able to handle "troubled teens", and their only answer is to expell the bad students.

I believe the person gave the mom a resource for her teen but so much more goes into a teen mom needing support. Some one needs to support her sleep and …

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Decatur IL Mom Trends Many people say that Decatur’s shopping is not "that great". But I have news for you, almost ALL the latest trends for moms and their families are available in our city!

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Parents Too Soon (PTS) – PTS is a program that serves new and expectant teen parents in high risk communities through home visits and parent support groups. Illinois Subsequent Pregnancy Program (ISPP) – This program serves Chicago-area teen moms through home visiting and peer support groups.

Adult and teen single moms get together to offer understanding, help and support. They also offer monthly activities on parenting, financial education, and …

DECATUR – Natasha L. Sullivan was 18 years old when her 7-month-year-old son, Deshaun Bush, was killed in an accident when he flew out of his car seat and hit Teen mom not guilty in death of her

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MOPS provides a faith-based, supportive, nonjudgmental environment where teen moms can come together for mentoring and encouragement. In MOPS, the teaching, activities and friendships are all focused on the very distinct needs of teenagers.

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According to the CDC, teen moms also are more likely to be and remain single parents. Graves said she would like to graduate from high college, move out of Decatur someday and open her own day care.

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