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Women wear shoes that actually enhance their calves even, high-heeled shoes force you to flex your calves while you walk. It’s a little silly that you’d frown on something that you encourage by fashion.

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Page 1 of 2 – Asians have big calves – posted in Health, Fashion & Beauty: I have been hearing alot of information that Asians tend to have large calves. I kinda do believe it considering my calves are humogous. They seem extremely out of proportion with the rest of my body ( my thighs are about the same size as my calves). I heard the term "raddish legs" to describe large calves.

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You could feel large hands on your calves pushing your folded legs out of the way; the sound of another body sitting down next to you caused you to raise your arm slightly. Alex was now positioned at your feet, stretching his legs out on the small bed as you hid away in the back hallway.

Females With Muscular Legs And Especially Well Developed Calves. 1.1K likes. All of you who have similar interests please feel free to join and share

Muscular legs on women even look better and sexier than skinny legs on women. There are many men who prefer muscular legs to skinny legs and I am one of them. Let me say that Asian women would have to be the most beautiful women in the world.

My calves are bigger than average because as an Asian, when I was a , I had to carry around the heavy burden of expectation to excel in college. That aside, what is your evidence for suggesting that Asians tend to build calves more easily?

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Im asian my self and have noticed that me and my other friends that are asian have massive calves, compared to other guys. Is it just genes ?

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These days it’s always about ass and titties. Have we forgotten about one of the most sexy body parts on a woman? Sure boobies and booty are nice, but I’ve always liked a woman with nice shapely legs wearing a pair of sexy-as-fuck high heels.

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