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Nov 22, 2012 · Thus, the partner alleging the existence of marital relations despite the absence of a marriage registration will have to prove the fact of cohabitation in Ukraine and keeping joint household in Ukraine.

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We can have your CR-1 Spousal Visa petition ready in 4 hours or less. We help American citizens from all 50 states bring their foreign spouses to the U.S. from all over the world with a 99.9% success rate for qualified applicants.

marriage process in ukraine The Ukrainian civil marriage process can take several weeks to several months. If you are marrying another American, or a third-country national, it is the Embassy’s understanding that Ukrainian authorities require that one of the parties be present in Ukraine – for an unspecified period of several months – before

In Ukraine, a woman must be 17 years of age to be married legally. However, the legal age for marriage for males in Ukraine is 18 years. Applying for Marriage Registration. You need to visit the local RAGS (Department of Vital Statistics and Civil Status) in Ukraine to apply for your marriage to be registered.

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After the wedding, your new spouse can apply for a green card, if desired. You can also choose to get married first in Ukraine or another country, and then apply for an …

Things you have to know before getting married in Ukraine. Statistics show: every thirtieth marriage in Ukraine is contracted with a foreigner. What nuances of legal residence on the territory of Ukraine are important to be known by a foreigner married to a citizen of Ukraine?

Nonimmigrant visa for spouse (K-3) – It is important to note that application for the nonimmigrant visa for spouse (K-3) who married a U.S. citizen must be filed and the visa must be issued in the country where the marriage took place. After the visa process has been completed, and the visa is issued, the spouse can travel to the United States

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Marriage and Divorce in Ukraine According to the Family Code of Ukraine , marriage is a family union of a woman and a man registered at a state civil registration office. A religious marriage ceremony does not result in an official marriage recognized by the state.

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The next stage involves the foreign spouse submitting forms and holding an interview at a U.S consulate in the Ukraine (Kyiv), otherwise known as consular processing. The U.S. has one consulate in the Ukraine, and it handles both immigrant and nonimmigrant visa applications.

For official registration of marriage in Ukraine, the citizens of Ukraine are required to submit the following documents at the Department of Vital Statistics …

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