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The Battle of Hastings Chess Set

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Product Information:

  • Beautifully crafted Chess set from Studio Anne Carlton
  • Consists of 32 Chessmen, 16 light and 16 dark
  • Includes a FREE Genuine House of Staunton Vinyl Chess Board – A $20.00 Value
  • Housed in a beautiful decorative Studio Anne Carlton storage box.

The Battle of Hastings Chess Set Description

In the most famous battle fought on English soil, Harold, the English King leads his Saxon forces against the invading William, Duke of Normandy. It altered the course of English history from 1066 onwards. The amazing detail created by our sculptors is richly displayed in this historic chess set. This superb set has been a favourite since its introduction in regular brown and ivory finish. It is Based on the famous Battle of Hastings in which King Harold II of England opposed the invading Norman army led by William Duke of Normandy on October 14th 1066. After the hard fought battle of Stamford Bridge in which he defeated and killed Harold Hardrada King of Norway who had invaded Northumbria, Harold and his Saxon Army marched from York to the south coast of England. At a small village just inland from Hastings, Harold’s tired army met the invading forces of William Duke of Normandy.

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