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LGBTQ love poetry by and for gay men, lesbians, and the queer community.

#lesbian poetry: xxx. Part 1 I walk by you every day Do you see me? The bell sounds off and the noise reminds me of when I sit alone after college in a soundproof room

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This is a short poem about the feelings felt during a lesbian sex act. It is not porn in a poem, it’s more of a deep love connection between the lovers and a sense of romance.

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It was bad enough being the one lesbian, but it became harder once the focus of the group turned to writing and performing erotic poetry. Feeling increasingly invisible by descriptions of heterosexual intercourse, an idea of a poem, Bad teen Persona began to emerge— a poem about hot lesbian seduction and sex.

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Lesbian Sex. By Knightmare Elite. For she is the teen I want to fuck. Oh god how can I fathom this luck. I look into her nervous eyes as she pans my body to my thighs.

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LGBTQ love poetry by and for gay men, lesbians, and the queer community.

Top Lesbian Ode To Oral Sex by alexander opicho. .The flame in my flesh burns tor like Above conventions of average humanity Propelled to hatred of their opposite By the pristine charm in the streaks . Page

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If there’s anything y’all love, it’s sex and pure poetry.So obviously, both took center stage at A-Camp. Here’s a selection. Sex Haikus from Carmen’s Pure Poetry Challenge I’ve already

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