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Teen moms are twice as likely to experience postpartum depression as their adult counterparts. Women sometimes mistake postpartum depression for the baby blues.

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Sep 28, 2017 · Many Teen Moms In Labor Can’t Choose An Epidural In Some States : Shots – Health News Ohio is one of 13 states without a policy allowing a …

After a teen pregnancy: providing for your newborn. Finding a job during pregnancy or as a mom may be difficult, but definitely not impossible.

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I think when people hear the phrase "teen mom," they automatically imagine a poor, stupid, lazy, irresponsible teen. But I’m a teen mom, and that doesn’t define me.

"Skip being a teen mom, skip fighting, skip expulsion. Skip all that and and graduate on time and do everything she can to become somebody in life, faster than her mom.

The huge focus on preventing teenage pregnancy has turned teen moms into cautionary tales and scapegoats when in reality we are women and mothers who need support and encouragement. We are often spoken about and condescended to, but we are rarely given the chance to speak for ourselves. Why ren Need To Be Unhappy Sometimes. When Your

Maci Bookout is speaking out about the upcoming season of Teen Mom OG, including whether Ryan’s behavior and arrest has influenced their custody agreement. “Sometimes we don’t always agree

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Oct 04, 2018 · And the best part for them? Their friends can get in on all the fun, too. Keep reading for 11 fun things your teen can do in October.

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When I asked Bailey where she thought these attitudes toward parents came from, she said, “I would assume just by looking at the teen population, [they think] teenagers aren’t the wisest sometimes and don’t make the wisest decisions.

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Mood disorders put teens at risk for unplanned pregnancy, increase the chances of postpartum depression, and make parenthood harder. Teen moms face plenty of challenges, from dealing with the shame and stigma of an unplanned pregnancy to finishing college and finding employment.

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